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What is Alopecia and how to treat it?

This is a painful condition that can cause enlargement patches of baldness and that sometimes is only temporary.

What causes Alopecia?

Many factors-including disease, pregnancy, trauma, thyroid problems, diabetes, anemia, crash, diet and the use of steroids and chemotherapy can cause.

Little seems to be familiar with alopecia, although many clinical trials and experiments around the world take place. Much has been written about the various causes and treatments for the disease. It is generally accepted that alopecia is an autoimmune disease.

Hair is a bi-product of blood and therefore, it is important to deal with the appearance of blood treatment, as well as Dermatology. The two key areas that face are the composition of the blood and blood flow. Simply applying topical products for the scalp won’t give a good result.

I studied and treated alopecia sufferers for many years and during that time I saw a lot of potions and lotions come and go on the market. Although I have a great respect for the progress of medical science, I must confess, saying that the treatment of alopecia in new natural way has proven to be much more successful.

It is my belief that when a person is the subject of stress, change the composition of the blood.

At the time of writing, I don’t know what are these amendments, except that initial evidence seems to suggest that the white corpuscle count increases. This much I have learned from customers who suffer from alopecia that took more than standard blood tests. Usually a visit to the doctor will test for anemia, thyroid and diabetes. In most cases there are no problems, and even alopecia continues to worsen.

The importance of a good diet

I have taken very logical, if not simplistic and have tried to make up for any nutritional deficiencies in the blood through a change in diet. Applying hot and cold water system, suggesting an increase in raw fruits and vegetables in the diet and a vitamin supplement with live enzymes to aid absorption and advise the patient to create a vaso-dilation (increased blood flow).

Phytoestrogens, or plant estrogens should be introduced into the diet. Can be found in wholegrain bread, brown rice, vegetables including cabbage, carrots, green beans, peas and fruit course. The best way to achieve maximum quality food you eat raw or juice. Fruit and vegetable mixture into a juicer is a great way to obtain live enzymes.

As a consultant trichologist at the research center of Alopecia hair Eucaderm in the United Kingdom, I have of course studied all these various forms of treatment. The thing about alopecia is its unpredictability. You never know where it will manifest and just when you think you got rid of it and the hair starts to grow again, discover a new patch, which rushes in desperation, once more. If you are not careful that this additional worried aggravates the problem and then you enter the downward spiral of renewed attacks of alopecia.

As an alopecia sufferer myself at the age of 15, I feel most qualified to understand and teach the psychological distress that is caused by this disease.

Natural treatment

To be truly successful in the treatment of alopecia, it is important to think of your hair so exactly as your teeth. Think for a moment! Because we care to spend some time in our lives already dealt with clean teeth? Well we all know the answer to this question; It is because we want to maintain healthy teeth and, above all, to keep them as long as possible. None of us sure appreciates the thought of having to wear dentures, so we take a preventive treatment such as cleaning our teeth several times a day!

This care for our teeth was instilled in us when we were kids. It was part of our training in how to take care of ourselves, and never question. We also know that to prevent gum disease, we need to visit our dental surgeon or dental hygienist regularly to remove the build up of plaque or tartar, which cannot be removed by simple brushing.

What I’m getting at? Quite simply, in my research have found that, to be truly successful in the treatment of alopecia and keep him at Bay, it has the same simple approach to your hair how to clean their teeth. The hair is very important to us; We definitely appreciate when we lose, so it’s not obvious that we must appreciate and care in the same way as other parts of our body.

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