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4 Benefits of chocolate

I was sitting on my couch the other night in front of the Tv eating a bar of my favorite chocolate-a peanut butter twix and I was really feeling guilty about this. I’m not normally a couch potato and here I was stuffing my face with one of my favorite foods and then I remembered hearing that chocolate might actually be good for you-it made me feel better, so I thought it would be this.

Color me surprised when I hit Google and did some research because dark chocolate especially is even better for you, I thought if ate sensibly and in a small amount. So here’s the top 5 reasons why we should eat chocolate for health reasons-YUM!

Top 4 benefits of eating chocolate

1-Contains antioxidants

The main ingredient in chocolate is cocoa which in itself contains natural chemicals as healthy flavonoids, which is a natural antioxidant that combats free radicals in our body protecting the various cells from oxidation. To give you a better idea, beans, apples and apricots also contain flavonoids.

2-blood pressure Lowering

Studies conducted around the world conclude that if you eat a good quality dark chocolate in small doses and on a regular basis with a combination of other healthy foods can actually lower your blood pressure rate that can only be good news for the body and the heart.

3-Lower Cholesterol

Eat chocolate in moderation can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 10 per cent-incredible. Again, this is due to the presence of flavonoids found in red wine, another part of a healthy diet cholesterol reduction.

4-A natural Anti depressant

You know this one-that’s why when we feel down you reach for a chocolate bar-it’s only natural for us but what we don’t know is that chocolate contains serotonin which is a good chemist, glad to hear that gives us a feeling of pleasure.

Now I know why chocolate makes me feel good when I feel down. It’s not just the taste and pleasure guilty, but all those good things going on in our bodies that make us want to more like a good cup of coffee. I also love my coffee.

So if you feel guilty or over indulgent having the occasional piece of chocolate bear in mind that it reduces heart disease.Â

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